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    Welcome to Seacamels , China Stock code : 832444


    Seacamels is a buyer-oriented purchasing platform with three main services. We provide an OA credit term, a door to door logistics service, and a third party inspection service. Our main goal is to help customers achieve safe, fast, and easy purchases from Chinese suppliers.



    Seacamles focuses on resolving problems which buyers meet in purchase on OA term and LDP logistics. Our core group has more than 20 years of experiences in professional foreign trade service.

    • Certified factories

      OA Payment term Quality &shipping guarantee Commission free

    • Multiple payment options

      OA, L/C, T/T, DP The longest 120 days of OA payment period Apply OA credit card free of charge

    • One-stop service

      From factory to buyera??s warehouse Safe& Fast Economic

    • OA credit card

      Using in purchase on OA term Factories approved Free application


    How the clients feedback to our company

    Billy---Excellent experience

    My experience with SEACAMELS has been excellent! I would definitely recommend them to others.

    Jean---Awesome awesome Service company

    Awesome awesome finance company. Can you imagine that they actually give you shipment first and give you 3month for pay them back afterwards while everything is sold ,. SEACAMELS was there when I most needed them. The Almighty had set it up when I most was in need of this CREDIT. Thank u

    John---WELL DONE

    First let me say, I struggled with deciding whether or not I should take the credit service they offered . However, after worked with them for a trial order I decided, it was the best decision for me and my company. I can easily triple my yearly income for this credits they are offering to buyers. and Joey made the process so easy. He disclosed everything to me, in regards to this line of credit. The next shipment was arrived on time and also with inspection serviced offered .Anyway great service , THANK YOU Seacamels !

    Karen---Just when i needed them most.

    After being turned down by my bank and by my financing company with whom i've worked for many years, i felt lost. I had just a bunch of order close to 900k from my retail and wholesale customers and all i needed was the products to sell . I had NO idea where I was going to get the money to start ordering from china,. I was searching for business credit company in china and found the help I was praying for. It's still a mistery how Seacamels was able to send me the pre-qualified notice and give me a credit line up to 1 million . I had never heard of them before. I thank The Lord for Chris and his team. You have made an unforgettable difference in my life.


    Was a very quick and pleasant experience with seacamels . Explained everything and very responsive...


    Was a very quick and pleasant experience with seacamels . Explained everything and very responsive...